Top 5 Dive & Snorkel spots near Oasis Coral Estate

There are many beautiful places to snorkel and dive, but which ones are near Oasis Coral Estate? The choice is huge, but which underwater world do you really have to see when you're on vacation in Curaçao? The house reef at Oasis Coral Estate is fantastic and you really must have seen it, but it is also nice to see other places. Every dive or snorkel spot has its own living room with different kinds of fish. We made a top 5 of the best places to dive and snorkel for you below. 


#1. Daaibooi 

A 10 minute drive away and next to Oasis Coral Estate is Daaibooi beach, along the rocks on both sides of the beach you can snorkel very well. There is also a diving school located on the beach. With a little luck you will even see turtles! There are quite a few coral rocks in the water, therefore beach shoes can be useful. Besides snorkeling and diving there is also plenty of shade on the beach by the palm trees and palapas. There is also a snack spot of Kees where you can get tasty snacks.


#2. PortoMarie

Next to Daaibooibaai and still close to Oasis Coral Estate, is the beach of PortoMarie. A beautiful white long-stretched sandy beach. The sea is easy to enter because it has few rocks and a very gentle coastline. The bottom is covered with sand and coral dust. The first reef can be reached in about 5 minutes. There is a minimal current, next to some weak waves. Visibility is very good, you can easily see very far. The deepest point is about 15 meters, after which the first reef begins. If you swim over the reef you will reach the second reef at a depth of 18 meters. You may encounter the following fish: angelfish, brown chromis, parrotfish, groupers, yellowtail snappers, triggerfish, sea turtles, trumpet fish, cornet fish, crabs and stingrays. Night diving on this spot is also highly recommended.

#3. Cas Abou

Between 15 and 20 minutes drive you arrive at Cas Abou, this beach is wide and long with palapas and palm trees. You can walk gently in the sea so it is also a very suitable beach for children. On both sides of the beach, just before the rocks you can see most of the fish. Many brightly colored tropical fish swim there but you can also encounter seahorses. Parrotfish swim in plenty and when you snorkel you can hear the coral nibbling. With some regularity there are also turtles spotted, it's really a paradise for snorkeling. Cas Abou is also a perfect place to dive. Underwater you will find beautiful reefs. Also the facilities for diving at Cas Abou Beach are good. There is a dive store on the beach, where you can get your snorkel, and diving gear.

''The paradise for snorkeling...'' 🐠 

#4. The Blue Room

A little further away but definitely worth a visit for the real daredevil is The Blue Room. It is a unique place on Curaçao and owes its name to the beautiful light that shines through this cave. Keep an eye on the tide because that makes the cave easily accessible or not. The entrance of the cave is 20 cm below the water level so you have to swim about one meter below what you have to swim to enter the cave. In the cave it's all fun, schools of fish looking for shelter in the cave, it's an underwater light show of the sun. You can reach this cave from the water, we recommend to do this with the guidance of Captain Goodlife. Another option is to go swimming from the black beach of Boka Santu Pretu, then you will swim for about 15 minutes.

#5. Lagun 

Last but not least, I highly recommend snorkeling at Lagun, it is a narrow beach with a deep bay so the water is actually always calm. Walking into the sea is not very easy because there are a lot of rocks but once in the water you don't have to worry about that anymore. Also here the underwater world is fantastic, the clear and shallow water provides a lot of light for the fish, turtles are regularly spotted and at the edge of the bay the dolphins often swim.


🐠 What are the best places to dive or snorkel?

There are many different places where you can perfectly dive or snorkel. For example the reefs right in front of Oasis Coral Estate. You can easily see magnificent coral reefs and encounter several exotic sea creatures here.

🥽 Where can i take diving classes?

At Oasis Coral Estate there is the Coral Divers is a PADI 5-star diving school  where you can learn how to dive and go on excursions. 

🛎 Where can i get more information?

For more information, you can come to the reception at Oasis Coral Estate. We are happy to help you there.

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