The most beautiful places to visit on Curaçao 

Curaçao is known for the white beaches, the azure blue ocean, diving among coral reefs and swimming with dolfins. But the island has so much more to offer! To maken it easy for you, we made a top 5 with sights you would not want to miss when visiting the island! 

  1. Active in the Christoffelpark
  2. Explore historic districts
  3. Get to know the culture in the cities

#1 Christoffelpark

The Christoffelpark is a beautiful nature reserve with lots of differents kind of animals and plants. For hiking enthusiasts there are 8 different routes to choose from, it is often recommended to go early so you have the best chance of spotting animals! Prefer by car? There are also different routes to discover the park by car, but pay attention to the hillocks that occasionally get in the way. The Christoffelpark consists of old plantations that have been joined together to form a park. The entrance to the park is through the only intact country house belonging to the plantations.

#2 Willemstad

Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, is quite an experience itself. There is plenty to discover in the city. Go back in time by walking through the historic districts Otrabanda and Punda, stroll along the colorful canal houses, cross the Pontjesbrug or take a look at the Kura Hulanda Museum where the slavery history is told. Keep in mind that it is always tropical warm in Willemstad, so adjust yourself to these temperatures by walking slower! 

#3 Caves of Hato

The caves of Hato are centuries old and used to be used by runaway slaves to hide from their slave traders. Even before that, the Arawak indians lived in the caves, of which there are still several cave paintings that can be up to 1500 years old. Let a guide show you around in the caves and discover a piece of Curaçao history!

#4 Little Curaçao

Little Curaçao is a uninhabited island located about 10 kilometres from Curaçao. The fishermen used to live here, now it is a true paradise! You can dive with sharks here, snorkel with sea turtles and view shipwrecks from stranded ships on the east side of the island. If you are a bit seasick, keep in mind that the boattrip to the island can be wild. Sometimes the wind is very strong and the waves are high.

#5 Grote Knip

Perhaps the most popular beach on Curaçao, for both locals and tourists. And don´t blame them! Grote Knip, also known as Kenepa Grandi, is one of the few beaches that is still accessible for free and you can bring your own food and drinks here. This often leads to tasty BBQs and a cozy atmosphere. The beach itself is in a beautiful location and offers the opportunity to snorkel among the rocks. Upon arrival, the view of the beach is so beautiful that it looks like an image.


Relax after a day full of activities

After a day full of activities and trips you can relax in the spa, on the beach or in your villa. For a nice dinner you can go to one of the restaurants on the resort. 

💦 What are the most beautiful dive sites to visit?

Diving can be done in many different places on the island and there are many diving schools where you can take lessons. Take a diving lesson and find out for yourself what the most beautiful dive spots are to visit!

🧗‍♂️ What are the most beautiful historical places to visit?

If you are interested in the history of Curaçao, the Caves of Hato and the Kura Hulanda Museum are definitely recommended. These are without a doubt the most beautiful historical places to visit during your vacation on Curaçao! For more information you can always contact the reception of the resort.

👀 What are the most beautiful places to visit in Curaçao?

There are so many different beautiful places to visit in Curaçao. You have the nature reserve Christoffelpark, Willemstad, Klein Curaçao and do not forget the beautiful beaches!

🏊 What are the best places to visit if you want to dine locally? 

The Curaçao cuisine is a mixture of different food cultures in the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia. The most beautiful places to visit are small, local restaurants. Here you can often taste the Curaçao cuisine very well!

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