Rental car included during your stay at Oasis Coral Estate

Would you like to discover Curacao by car during your vacation? Book now a stay in one of our luxurious rooms or holiday homes and receive a fully insured car to complete your holiday on the island. The car can be picked up at the airport upon arrival. The rental car is included with your stay. You can explore the island on your own and visit your favorite places as many times as you like.

Unlimited mileage

Explore the island however you want, you don't have to worry about the number of miles. Go beach hopping or visit colorful Willemstad.


24/7 road assistance service

You are always assured of a good road assistance service. If the car cannot be repaired, you will receive free vehicle replacement.


All-risk insurance

✓ Occupants accident insurance ✓ Third party liability insurance, minimum coverage of €7.5 million ✓ Damage Waiver and Theft protection


Book your stay in a Studio or a Lanais Holiday Home and Explore Curaҫao

How about beach hopping? Discover the paradisal beaches of the island by car and visit the historic harbor of Willemstad and its colorful city town buildings. Or how about the largest natural park on the island, Christoffel Park, with its exotic flora and fauna? There is plenty to do on the island and you can decide where and what you want to explore at your own pace. 

Additional information about the rental car can be found here.