The Inner Balance Week at Oasis Coral Estate

Are you looking for a better balance and more vitality in your life? Enjoy an educational mix of relaxation and physical effort in one of the most beautiful places of Curaçao, during the Inner Balance Week at Oasis Coral Estate. 

For seven days you have the time and the peace to reflect on all aspects of your life and to take up a good balance. Step by step you build the basis for a new, fresh start and at the end of the week you fly back home, fully rested and in the possession of a personal vitality plan.

What can you expect during Inner Balance Week?

  • Stay in a Hotel Room Deluxe including 7 days breakfast and lunch
  • Various workshops, both theory, and practice, with the theme Healthy Living (including healthy food and exercise)
  • Personal coaching by two experienced trainers: Ewold de Maar, performance & vitality coach and Irmi Klijntunte, psychiatrist, coach & trainer.
  • Your heart is central; literally and figuratively. With the help of the Inner Balance app on your smartphone and its sensor, you learn what the rhythm of your heart tells you and how you can influence that rhythm yourself and bring it into a better balance. And because you can take the sensor and app with you home, you can continue doing so after Inner Balance Week!
  • A personal vitality plan at the end of the week
  • Enough time to enjoy a nice holiday and enjoy the beautiful nature