Curacao Cycling Events 2020

Cycling on Curacao

Between the 15th and the 22nd of November 2020, two great Curacao Cycling Events will take place. Two yearly events where you can go on an adventure with your bicycle and friends in the Caribbean. On Sunday 15th November the Kärcher Coral Estate Classic will take place with start and finish at Coral Estate. On Sunday 22nd November the Kärcher Curacao Duo X-treme will take place with start and finish at Playa Porto Marie, near by Coral Estate.

The weather conditions in Curacao are perfect for a whole week of cycling. You and your friends can explore Curacao under the perfect conditions. Oasis Coral Estate is the perfect place to stay during the Curacao Cycling Events. For more info, go to

Combine the Curaçao Cycling Events with a stay at Oasis Coral Estate

Do you get a warm feeling by the words bicycling, adventure and coziness? Then the Curacao Cycling Events are perfect for you! The cycling events of the year are organized directly at Oasis Coral Estate.

Combine the Curacao Cycling Events in November 2020 with a comfortable stay at Oasis Coral Estate! Go during the day on adventure on your mountain bike, afterward, it’s time to relax at Oasis Coral Estate. Stay in one of our luxurious accommodations and enjoy all the facilities at our resort.