Luxury Vacation Curaçao

When on vacation in Curaçao you naturally think of an azure blue sea, pearly white sandy beaches and lots of sun. Combine these wonderful elements with lots of luxury and comfort, and you are guaranteed full relaxation on the other side of the ocean. As well as being known for its beautiful climate, Curaçao has many nature reserves and endless sandy beaches, in combination with luxury, tranquillity and relaxation. There are also a variety of activities on the island that are well worth your while.

Why Oasis Coral Estate?

  1. Directly on the beach
  2. 2 swimming pools (infinity pool)
  3. Spa & wellness
  4. Most beautiful dive site

Luxury Curaçao Vacation at Coral Estate

A vacation in the Caribbean guarantees good weather, relaxation and tranquillity. The climate in the Caribbean is ideal for those looking to enjoy a holiday full of sun, sand and sea to escape the hectic pace of daily life. Temperatures are between 28 and 30 degrees on average throughout the year, with the wind coming from the sea creating a pleasant temperature.

Because of the rainy season in the Caribbean from September to January, nature is beautifully abundant around this time. The various nature parks on the island are in full bloom during and after this period, so you can relax and take walks through these beautiful areas. There are plenty of trails with marked routes that will introduce you to the wonderful nature of the island. In addition to the sun worshippers, beach lovers and diving enthusiasts, a vacation on versatile Curaçao also has more than enough to offer hiking and nature lovers. Your vacation on Curaçao, begins with a luxurious stay at Oasis Coral Estate.

Oasis Coral Estate: enjoy the Caribbean! 

Curaçao lets you enjoy all the luxury that a Caribbean island has to offer. For example, the island offers more than 60 unique diving locations. Due to the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is a real Mecca for divers! If you prefer snorkelling, there are several coral reefs close to the coast that offer colourful scenery. If you really want a unique experience in the water, you can also choose to swim with real dolphins.

The Oasis Coral Estate resort also borders an inland lake, where you can spot a variety of flamingos. You can walk there from the resort in no time. In some cases you can even spot the flamingos up close. If you are really lucky, you can even take a picture with these beautiful animals.

The beautiful Daaibooi Beach is also directly adjacent to Oasis Coral Estate resort’s beach. This beautiful beach is known for its pristine environment and attracts many local families who come here to relax and have a BBQ on Sundays. The beach is completely free of charge, and you’ll also have the opportunity to spot iguanas on and around the beach. Fortunately they are harmless, so you can get close enough to take a picture with them.

Are you ready for a well-deserved vacation on versatile and beautiful Curaçao? Book a luxury vacation today at Oasis Coral Estate