Spot Flamingo's at the salt lake

If you missed the flamingos as they flew by Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort, you can go check them out at the salt lake next to our resort. 

In order to see them, the best and most beautiful walking route is a hiking nature trail that leads down a large cliff to the salt lake. This salt lake is one of the homes of the flamingos of Curaçao. You will find dozens of flamingos here, and you might even get a perfect picture.

The Pink Flamingos’ Food

As you can see, the flamingos of Curaçao have a distinctive pink color. This is a sign that they are healthy. Grey flamingos are generally less healthy because they do not eat the right food. The special pink color comes from the bacteria and beta-carotene that they extract from their food. With their long neck and special beak, they filter the salt water from the salt lake to regain small bits of food from the water. At the salt lake, they have few food competitors, since most of the other birds living in Curaçao avoid salt water. In general, the larger flamingos eat small lobsters living here, as well as worms and mollusks they filter from the salt water. The smaller pink flamingos usually eat small algae as well.

Young and Old Pink Flamingos

With some luck, you will also see young flamingos which you can recognize by their grey-pink down. Some big flamingos have a color that is so dark it’s almost red. They are 140 to 175 centimeters tall. If you look closely, you will see that some pink flamingos are slightly bigger than the others. These are usually the males. The females are usually slightly smaller. The light yellow color of the eyes of the flamingo is also something special. Because of this, we advise you to bring binoculars along to the salt lake, so you can also spot these remarkable details. Have fun on your walk to the pink flamingos!


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