Diving Curaçao at Oasis Coral Estate

Anyone planning a luxurious and relaxing vacation to Curaçao has of course also considered the possibilities for scuba diving or snorkelling there. Curaçao is not only a beautiful location for a wonderful luxury holiday, but is also perfect for the ultimate diving holiday. Whether you are a beginner or have been actively diving for a number of years, this island is guaranteed to give you new experiences that you will not find anywhere else in the world. A scuba diving holiday in Curacao at Oasis Coral Estate is a holiday that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Why Oasis Coral Estate? 

  1. Including stay
  2. 5 days unlimited shore diving
  3. Best reef of the Island
  4. Dive trips with boat

Diving Curaçao: explore underwater life

Diving in Curaçao is extremely popular, partly due to the wonderful climate. With an average temperature of 28 to 30 degrees, diving here is extremely enjoyable, while the seawater also has a pleasant average temperature of 27 to 29 degrees. In addition, you can enjoy more than 60 unique scuba diving locations around the island. One of the most beautiful diving locations in Curacao, Coral Divers Diving School is located just in front of the resort. This means you don't have to travel far to experience some incredible diving opportunities.

Coral Divers Diving School provides everything you are looking for when it comes to scuba diving. They offer professional guidance, show you the most beautiful spots in Curaçao and even offer the opportunity to introduce smaller children to diving. Below you will find a number of tips for diving in Curaçao.

Curaçao Diving Vacations

As you may already know, Curaçao is extremely well suited to a wonderful diving holiday. There are, however, a number of aspects that you must take into account as a diver. First of all, as a diving beginner, it is advisable to hire an experienced instructor. At Coral Divers Diving School you have the opportunity to dive or snorkel under proper supervision.

If you choose to go snorkelling, our tip is to wear a T-shirt at all times. You’ll burn fairly quickly when swimming just below the surface of the water and will initially feel very little of this due to the cool water, meaning you’ll only notice after you have returned to the hotel.

Another recommendation is to have a look at the beautiful St. Marie reef. This reef is located just in front of the Oasis Coral Estate resort. This allows you to stay close to the luxury hotel, while still discovering Curaçao’s beautiful underwater world. If you prefer diving from the coast rather than from a boat on the sea, Coral Divers offers you this option.

Have you always dreamed of a luxury vacation on Curacao and is scuba diving on your bucket list? Then don't wait any longer! Book your ultimate diving vacation today at the Oasis Coral Estate resort.