Discover amazing Curacao 

Do you know what your holiday destination will be? We like to help in the search and give 10 reasons to make Curacao the new holiday destination! The area offers enough experience for both young and old. 

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Why you should visit Curaçao..

Not sure where to go on your next holiday? We are happy to help you in your search and give you 10 reasons to make Curaçao your next holiday destination!

1. Beaches

Curaçao is commonly known as a beach destination. There are at least 28 public and private beaches, varying from small secluded beaches to popular long-stretched beaches.The most beautiful beaches can be found in Banda Abou (the West coast) which is where Oasis Coral Estate is located.

2. Diving

Curaçao has an amazing underwater world which makes it a well-known diving destination. The clear blue water provides visibility of more than 30 meters. Over 60 unique diving spots can be found around the island. Beautiful coral reefs can be found right along the coast, creating colorful and varied views. Perfect for snorkeling! One of the most beautiful reefs is located right in front of Oasis Coral Estatea. 

3. Climate

The island has a warm and sunny climate, with an average year-round temperature between 27 and 34 degrees Celsius. A nearly constant breeze causes a pleasant freshness. Although Curaçao has a rainy season (from September to January), the island is situated outside of the “hurricane belt”, making it a very safe destination for a tropical holiday.

4. Nature

Particularly during and right after the rainy season, Curaçao is overwhelmingly green. Especially Banda Abou is much appreciated by nature lovers because of its nature reserves such as the Christoffel park, Shete Boka, the bay of Santa Martha and the Salt Lakes of Jan Kok (located right next to Oasis Coral Estate).

5. Historical heritage

Curaçao has a rich history, which can still be observed today at several museums, monuments and many country houses. Slavery dominated the island between the 17th and 19th century and has certainly left its footprints on the island. It is very interesting to visit one of the island’s many "landhuizen" (plantation houses), to gain deeper insight into this period.   

6. Architecture

Curaçao’s rich history is reflected in its architecture. In the 17th century, the Dutch settled on the island, which had considerable impact on the architecture. The buildings in Willemstad were built in the typical style of Amsterdam. Over the years, Spanish, Portuguese and Caribbean styles became apparent too. The island’s architecture is characterized by an array of bright Caribbean colors. Particularly the Handelskade is famous because of its colorful buildings. In 1997 the historical center was proclaimed World Heritage by UNESCO.

7. Diverse and friendly population

With over 150.000 inhabitants and more than 50 different nationalities, Curaçao is a true “melting pot”. This diverse and mixed population has been living together in harmony for centuries and is very friendly and hospitable.

8. The Curacao cuisine

Curaçao cuisine is a blend of many cultures originating in the Caribbean, South-America, Europe and Asia. The range of restaurants on Curaçao is large and varied; from local food to haute cuisine, often with a Caribbean twist. Typical for the island are the many food trucks along the roads, locally known as “truk’i pan”.

9. Nightlife

Curaçao has a vibrant nightlife. There is enough to see and experience every day of the week. The happy hours on the beaches are popular. Plenty of (local) bars, cafés and clubs can be found on the island. Next to that, popular events such as Carnival, ‘Fuikdag’ and Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival should not be missed by those who love to party!

10. Daytrips/Excursions

Book a trip to Klein Curaçao, swim with dolphins or discover the island by buggy. There is plenty to do! Feed ostriches go for a tour through the ancient alleys of Otrobanda or climb the Christoffel mountain. All of this is possible! 

Curaçao has something to offer for everyone; the activity-seeker, the beach lover and the culture fanatic.