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Weddings at Oasis Coral Estate Beach & Wellness Resort

Restaurant Karakter is the perfect place for a wedding or a ceremony. We can help you organise your perfect wedding day – one that you will never forget! It does not matter how many people you invite, we will organise the wedding on our own beach and in our own restaurants. We promise you: it will be a wonderful and memorable day! Getting married on Curacao means you have an idyllic location and a view that is as breathtaking as the bridal couple! Enjoy a tropical mix of sun, sea and beach and especially each other.

Get married at one of 2 top locations

Oasis Coral Estate offers two prime locations for a great wedding day; the restaurants Koraal and Karakter. After an unforgettable day, you can sleep in our ocean-view rooms or in one of our new Lanais holiday homes with outside lounge area where you can admire the stars at night!

There is no nicer location on Curacao than the Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort, since all the romantic elements come together perfectly at our resort.

If you want to get married at our resort and you want everything organised to perfection, please contact our front office.

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