Swimming pools

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Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort features various swimming pools

Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort features various swimming pools: a beautiful infinity pool with stunning sea views; a small, round swimming pool at the VIP studios for a refresher , with its own sun terrace exclusively for VIP guests; and a beautiful swimming pool with canopy beds in our wellness centre.

Infinity pool

Our Infinity swimming pool is located at an altitude of about 15 meters above sea level. This means you have a beautiful view of the Caribbean from our Infinity Pool. Around the swimming pool, there is a lovely and completely new sun terrace, which has been built with special tiles. You can relax on a luxury sun lounger or find shade under the umbrellas here. There is also a pool bar with a beautiful thatched roof, famous for its fantastic lunches.

Refreshing pool at the VIP section

A round pool for a refreshing swim has been built in our VIP section exclusively accessible for VIP guests. In this very intimate atmosphere, you have a beautiful view of the sea below. Particularly the tranquillity in this part of our resort is something special. Around the pool, you can find unique wooden sun beds. A unique atmosphere is created within a very special environment.

Unique swimming pool in our wellness centre

You may have already seen it in our introductory movie, but we have a unique pool in our wellness centre. As a guest of the "Spa & Wellness Center 8 The Experience" you can use this unique swimming pool. First, relax in one of our bubble baths, and then enjoy swimming in our indoor pool with clear water. After your swim, you can relax in one of the canopy beds. All this gives it a very intimate atmosphere!

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