Porto Marie

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The beach of Porto Marie, also known as Porto Mari, is located 800 meters to the north of Daaibooi Beach. Please note that it is approximately 2.5 kilometres from Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort. This beach is one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches on Curacao! The white sandy beach has clear and very calm water, which makes this a wonderful place for water lovers. The sand slopes down gently, which makes it suitable for children. On the first part of the beach, you will find many shells and pebbles, but further down the beach is sandy again. The unique double reef is easily accessible to divers and fanatic snorkelers can also enjoy themselves for hours. Remember to take proper snorkels from our resort. You can rent them at our diving school. Porto Marie is open daily from 9AM until sunset. This is also a place where you can relax in the shade under the palm-leaf parasols. The sun loungers under these parasols can be rented (Nafl. 6 per bed). The many trees, where you can find refuge from the warm and radiant sunshine, are what makes this place special.

Facilities sandy beach Porto Marie

Access to the beach only costs Nafl. 5 per person. On the sandy beach of Porto Marie there is a bar-restaurant where you can enjoy a lovely meal. There are tables and chairs and you can also eat outside: this place is highly recommended for a nice lunch. At the bar it is often cosy until sunset. And if you want, you can enjoy a massage on the beach.

Diving school Porto Mari Sports

If you prefer looking underneath the water surface, it's good to know that the diving school ‘Porto Mari Sports’ is located here. The double reef in the bay of Porto Marie makes diving special as there are lots of coral fish here. For snorkelers, it is better to snorkel at our resort, but some shelters have been made on the bottom in the form of concrete balls where fish can be spotted. This makes it fun for children to snorkel here. You will also find rest rooms here, as well as changing rooms and showers.

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