Country houses

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In order to understand the history of Curacao better, we recommend you to visit a country house. Brievengat, Dokterstuin, Knip, Rooi Catootje, Pannekoek and Zuikertuintje: these are typical names of the most famous country houses on Curacao. Like many other houses on the island, they are often painted in the most beautiful colours. Some small, other large, but all country houses are part of the cultural heritage of the island of Curacao. This is particularly the case with a country house that is close to our resort, located opposite the salt lake. This is an old and dilapidated country house. But because it is almost hidden from view and surrounded by beautiful nature, it is definitely worth a walk from Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort. You can walk from our resort or park your car by the salt lake, walk around the salt lake and take the path to the right to reach the house.

The Jan Kok country house and the Nena Sanchez Gallery at our resort

The gallery of Nena Sanchez is located in the Jan Kok country house. It is located opposite of the flamingo lake, directly adjacent to our resort. Her paintings are characterized by the colourful figures. Visit the country house and admire the local art – this way you do two things at once! Many tourists go home with a colourful painting that will always be a beautiful reminder of their time in Curaçao.

Wine estate at the Hato country house

Enjoy the locally made wine (25 hectares!) at the Winery Curacao at the Hato Country House. Not only is the Hato country house a wonderful example of an authentic country house, it also provides the opportunity to taste the local wines. Dutch wines are served here, which is something very special. The Hato country house is close to the airport, well worth a visit for wine lovers!

At the front office, you can find more information about the opening hours of the well-known country houses in the area of the resort, including the Jan Kok country house and the walking route to the dilapidated country house.

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