Boat diving

With a boat trip you will explore the most unique diving spots on Curaçao!

By some, Curaçao is described as a true paradise for divers because of the sublime diving spots around the island. In fact, the island hosts over 40 locations suitable for diving! During a boat dive, the instructors of Coral Divers will take you on their boat, and show you some of the best places to dive around the island! During the comfortable boat ride, you will also be rewarded with stunning views over the Caribbean Sea.

Can’t wait to discover the greatest diving spots around Curaçao yourself? Book the Dive & Stay 5 day Boat Diving Package, which offers you the possibility to make daily boat dives. Our staff of Coral Divers will take you to some of the most beautiful diving spots that are normally not easy to reach from shore because of their exclusive location. You will be staying in a Hotel Room Deluxe. In addition, this package offers you unlimited usage of air and weights, allowing you to go diving whenever and wherever you want. You will have 24-hour access to tanks, weights and other equipment, and are free to make use of Coral Divers’ facilities. Great for dive fanatics! 

For more information about the Dive & Stay 5 day Boat Diving Package contact our reception via