Relax at Oasis Coral Estate during Ascension

Are you in need of a relaxing holiday together with your partner, family, or friends? Stay at Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort during Ascension. Ascension is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all for a few days. The temperature is wonderful at Curacao, the sun is always shining, and the staff is eager to welcome you!

Why Oasis Coral Estate?

  1. Directly on the beach
  2. 2 swimming pools (infinity pool)
  3. Spa & Wellness
  4. Pristine diving spots
  5. Restaurant Karakter

What does Oasis Coral Estate have to offer?

  • Swimming pools
  • Spa 8-the Experience
  • Coral Divers dive school
  • Restaurant Karakter
  • Restaurant Koraal
  • Beautiful location


Oasis Coral Estate offers various accommodations: luxury hotel studios and spacious Lanais holiday homes. Almost every hotel studio offers a fantastic view over the Caribbean Sea and the Lanais holiday homes have their own kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and plenty of space. The Lanais holiday homes are perfect for a stay with larger groups and are located in a beautiful tropical garden. Oasis Coral Estate offers suitable accommodations for every group!