Discover the best activities on Curacao 

On Curacao you can enjoy the peace and quiet and the beautiful surroundings. But if you want, you can also be active! Curacao is known for the bright blue sea with turtles, the dilapidated lighthouse and the nightlife but there is much more to experience and see. We have listed the activities for you. Is there something that sparks your interests?

  1. Activities with water
  2. Adventurous on land
  3. Unique sights

Activity #1: Quad rental

The adventurous side of Curacao. Ride ATV Adventures through areas that are not accessible to other vehicles. Even as a beginner you can ride independently through the rugged landscape with a guide. Discover the residential areas of Curacao, drive to the Aloe Vera plantation and of course off-road St. Joris Bay. It is also possible to take your children with you. Discover the beautiful spots of the island on a Quad while you enjoy the wonderful rays of the sun shining on you.

Activity #2: Boat trip

Travelling along the west coast of Curacao with the largest catamaran of Blue Finn? That's an attraction you really don't want to miss! Discover the beautiful unknown beaches with crystal clear water, enjoy the sun and you can also snorkel to discover the underwater world. All equipment is available for you. While you enjoy the activities, a delicious lunch will be prepared for you. You will have a whole day of fun on the water, on the beach and on the catamaran. At the end you will come across a number of sights that you can see up close such as Blue Bay and Willemstad with its famous ferry bridge. Discover it now on Curacao!

Boat Curacao



Activity #3: Diving

With a tropical island like Curacao, a view of the colorful and lively underwater world should not be missed. Right in front of the resort of Oasis Coral Estate you will find the beautiful reef of St. Marie which you can explore on your own with a snorkel or during a diving trip accompanied by an instructor. At the diving school Coral Divers, which can be found at the resort, you can find equipment and possible lessons. When you have experience you can choose Boat Diving. You will be taken to the best dive sites on the island with the most beautiful views. You've never dived before? No problem. The PADI school Coral Divers offers you a trial dive. You can also get a PADI Open Water Divers Course in 2 days! And of course your children can sign up for Kids Diving. There's fun for everyone. Sign up quickly!

Activity #4: Mountain biking

Do you want to enjoy culture and nature? The mountain bike tours of Wannabike are fun and sporty! Coral Tobacco / St Joris is located in the northeast of Curacao. There are several paths here that you can cycle. You can go along the 'Cactus trail' or the 'Endless Summer trail' with a view of the Chair. You will also pass Kueba Coral Tobacco (the cave). Enjoy the beautiful view and with a little luck you can see Bonaire. 

Activity #5: Swimming with dolphins

A unique experience to swim with dolphins. Would you like to experience this? Then read on. At the Dolphin Academy Curacao this is possible. With your own swimming experience you can swim together with dolphins for half an hour. They will enjoy your attention and your hug. You will be guided and you can experience how the dolphins deal with different signals. Come together with your children, your family or partner to experience this unique experience! 

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