5x the best things to do on Oasis Coral Estate


A vacation to Curaçao Oasis Coral Estate means enjoying in all luxury, because there is enough available at the resort to keep you entertained. Do you want to do something active, or just relax? Enjoy culinary delights or just go to the pool? It's all possible at Oasis Coral Estate. Below we have made a top 5 of things to do at the resort.

  1. Spa & Wellness
  2. Diving
  3. Spot flamingo's
  4. Culinary delights
  5. Swimming

#1 A spa & wellness day

The wellness center 8 The Experience is something you to visit during your stay. Unwind and relax after an active day of diving and enjoy various beauty treatments or the other facilities it offers. And all of this with a beautiful view of the sea and de soothing sound of the waves in the background. A reservation for this is made easliy at the reception or online. 


#2 Discover the beautiful underwater world

The azure blue Caribbean Sea is a picture to behold, and underwater perhaps it is even more beautiful! Discover the beautiful underwater world of Curaçao while diving, this is also possible as an inexperienced diver. At the resort there is a diving school which offers lessons. The diving school Coral Divers is a 5 star PADI diving school, which organizes daily diving trips to our house reefs. The house reefs are the most beautiful on Curaçao, but the diving school also organizes trips to other sublime dive sites.

#3 Spot flamingos at the saltwater lake

Have you always wanted to see a flamingo in the wild? Then you only have to pay attention during your stay at Oasis Coral Estate. There is a good chance that you will see them fly by at the resort, as the saltwater lake where the flamingos live is right next to the resort. A visit to the saltwater lake is therefore a must. You can walk to it from the resort via a beautiful walking route. Dozens of flamingos live by the salt lake and with a little luck you might see a young flamingo!

#4 Culinary delights: Koraal Pool & Rooftop Terrace and restaurant Karakter

Want to enjoy a nice diner after an active or relaxing day? The resort offers various options for this. There is the Koraal Pool & Rooftop Terrace, where you can enjoy delicious dishes at a good location. In the evening, this is the perfect location to drink refreshing cocktails. You can also have lunch, drinks or dinner at restaurant Karakter. The restaurant is located directly on the beach, so you can choose a spot on the restaurants terrace or a spot with your feet in the sand. The perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

#5 Swimming: infinity pool and beach

A day of enjoying the sun by the pool or sea is of course also part of your vacation. At the resort there are several swimming pools, including the infinity pool. The swimming pool is located on about 15 meters above the sea, which provides a magnificent view. Enjoy the sun here on luxurious loungers. Prefer to go to the beach? No problem! Oasis Coral Estate is located right next the beach. It is a beautiful and quiet beach and because it is so nearby, you can easily switch between swimming pool and beach on a day.

💆🏻 Where can i relax on Curaçao? 

Completely unwind at the wellness center 8 The Experience, located on Oasis Coral Estate. Relax in the spa, enjoy several beauty treatments and the beautiful view over the sea. 

💦 Where can i dive Curaçao?  

There are lots of different spots to dive on the island, but the most beautiful reef of Curaçao is located right next to Oasis Coral Estate. Take some diving lessons at diving school Coral Divers and find out for yourself what the most beautiful places are to dive! 

👀 Where can i spot flamingos on Curaçao?

Located next to Oasis Coral Estate is a saltwater lake where dozens of flamingos live. You can easily walk here and admire the animals. 

🍝 Where can i eat on Curaçao? 

There are two restaurants on Oasis Coral Estate, Koraal Pool & Rooftop Terrace and restaurant Karakter. In both restaurants you can enjoy delicious meals and cocktails, on a beautiful location.

🏊 Where can i swim on Curaçao? 

Oasis Coral Estate has several pools, including an infinity pool which is about 15 metres above the sea. This gives you a beautiful view of the sea. Oasis Coral Estate is also located directly on the beach, so you can also swim in the sea.

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